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3.5mm Mini Studio Speech Mic Microphone Wired Microphone For Speaking Singing Speech Recording For PC Desktop Notebook

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Brand Name: viugreum


Transducer: Condenser Microphone

Set Type: Single Microphone

Style: Headset Microphone

Use: Computer Microphone


Certification: none


Vocal Wired Headset Microphone For Voice Amplifier Speaker Mic Professional Best Singing Teaching Lectures



1. Great Value: The package contains 2 packs of 3.5mm male headphone microphones. Suitable for stage performances, tour guides, marketing promotion, conference speeches, singing and dancing, teaching and dining. The price is low and the microphone works well.

2. Comfortable and Durable: Made of non-toxic and safe high-quality ABS material, ergonomic/flexible design allows you to move freely in any occasion to show , and provide loud, clear and high-fidelity sound.

3. Wide features: The headset microphone is lightweight, adjustable, stylish, cool, well-made, tightly fitted, and will not fall off. The microphone is directly inserted into the amplifier, and the microphone interface of the notebook computer records clearly.

4. Easy to Carry: Specially designed for TV show hosts, broadcasters, singers, lecturers, musicians, actors and other occasions that require minimal microphones without manual operation, small size, light weight, comfortable to wear and easy to carry.

5. Ideal Gift: The microphone arm can be bent to adjust the position and easily displayed on your head. It can be adjusted to fit most sizes, suitable for family dressing, and is an exquisite gift for family and friends.


Pickup method: single point

Microphone core size: about Φ9.7*5.0mm/0.38*0.20in

Sensitivity: -52DB±2DB

Output impedance: ≤6809

Working voltage: 1.0V-10V

Signal to noise ratio: greater than 55DB

Plug: 3.5mm mono

Wire diameter: 2.0mm black braided wiring

Exposure about: about 1.05m

Directionality: single pointing, cardioid pointing

Suitable for: TV presenters, broadcasters, singers, lecturers, musicians, actors and other loudspeakers that require a microphone without manual operation

Colour: black

Packing List:

Wired Microphone*1


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1. [ Useful Mic ] Wired Headset Microphone is meeting your diverse user needs, including a headset microphone, suitable for stage performances, shopping mall promotion explanations, singing, speeches or teaching.

2. [ Awesome Material ] Made of high-quality ABS material, Wired Calling Microphone is bringing you a perfect experience, very durable, safe, strong, comfortable to wear and flexible.

3. [ Simple to Use ] Wired Speech Microphone is requiring you to plug it directly into an amplifier, and has no complicated operation steps, allowing more people to hear your voice clearly.

4. [ Easy to Carry ] Plug-in Headset Mic is measuring about 16x14x6cm/6.29×5.51×2.36inches, suitable for TV presenters, broadcasters, singers, lecturers, musicians or actors, very lightweight, easy to wear and portable.

5. [ Special Gift ] Allowing them to rest easily on their heads to carry their voices, Computer Headset Mic is surprising them for Christmas or New Year, a perfect gift for family or friends.

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